Marketing Programme

Due to rapid developments throughout the world, the importance of the marketing sector increases day by day. What matters today is not just production but marketing the products, which is crucial for businesses. It is almost impossible for those who have no marketing experience to rise to executive positions. For this reason, students choosing the Marketing Programme have made an important decision for their careers.
The students of the programme will be one step ahead of other graduates since those with no marketing skills will find it hard to succeed in today’s business world.
Today, marketing is the sector with the most job offers. Students with the professional knowledge and skills offered within the programme are expected to rise to top executive positions. The marketing sector grows, develops, and renews itself on a daily basis. As has been shown by the latest global crisis, for sustainable growth, countries need to focus not only on production but also on marketing with the appropriate strategies. A product yields no economic return by itself unless properly marketed. The significance of marketing activities today has changed management concepts as well, with many banks, private businesses, and companies selecting their unit and department managers not from amongst those with production or operation backgrounds but possessing marketing experience.
With the expansion of supermarkets, marketing graduates can be employed as store marketing managers, product group managers, customer relations managers, and for shelf and store design in these places. They have an active role in the service sector, and particularly in marketing insurance products. With the rise in importance of one-to-one marketing, they can work as personal sales staff in relevant businesses. They can also take up employment in marketing positions in advertising and promotion companies, marketing research institutes, marketing departments of businesses, and national and international banks within the banking sector, which is a significant field of employment in our country.
If successful in the further-studies examinations, the graduates of the Marketing Programme could also continue their studies for a four-year bachelor’s degree in the following fields:

  • Business administration                                             
  • IT in business administration                                   
  • Public relations                                                                              
  • Public relations and advertising                                              
  • International business administration                 
  • International commerce and finance                   
  • Communication
  • Business administration – economics
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations and promotion
  • International commerce
  • Logistical management

The students are also offered a one-year foreign language preparatory course. With a 60-day work placement, the students get the chance to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. In accordance with the Higher Education Council decision dated 06.01.2016, the Marketing Programme is due to begin accepting students from the 2017-2018 academic year onwards.  

Deputy Head of Programme: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Volkan Işık
Teaching Staff of the Programme:

 Hacettepe University Vocational School of Social Sciences

06100 Opera Ankara