Office Administration Executive Assistant Programme

The world of work today is in a process of change and development, and thus in a situation where new theories of exploitation are produced and new applications are implemented.

In this context, secretarial work is considered not as a profession with some limited missions, but it is converted to a systematic structure in which professionals in the field perform according to their responsibility in organizations.

The objective of the programme is contribution to the work of board of directors within public or private establishments, assistance and education of office managers who can take responsibility for office operations, experts on the use of computer, able to apply professional principles and practices of office management, successful communication between individuals, able to use all the office technology, with protocol information, decision-making skills in relation to management and analysis, and finally conscious creativity.

Students are also responsible for 60 days of work placement and to apply the new knowledge they had the chance to learn in this course. This can be considered as a transition from theory to practice.

Each year a total of 95 students are admitted.

Program Chairman:

Inst. Tuna Gamze Taşçıoğlu

Program Instructors

Dr. Demet Çakıroğlu

Inst. Hande Tufan Demiray

Inst. Ayşe Usta

Inst. E. Emel Eroğlu Gelir (Uygulamalı Birim 13/b-4, Rektörlük)



 Hacettepe University Vocational School of Social Sciences

06100 Opera Ankara